Free Electricity is Possible With a Magnetic Generator!


Free Electricity is Possible With a Magnetic Generator!

Not had time to unfold data regarding the technology of free energy of faculty member LI Szabo, editors learned that electro-acoustic transducer Brady began to maneuver its magnetic engine perendev on the market. to get initial hand data, was to fulfill in city, throughout that it became clear one thing extraordinarily shocking.


This event refresh your memory of the primary editors of the time obtaining accustomed to such invention. every of them restrained the free energy, even before his acquaintance with one another, severally of every different at a distance of thousands of miles, however with one aim: to contribute to the answer of environmental issues and stop the damaging consequences for world of previous energy economy.

In 1982, Inge Schontal later Schneider browse a book "The conversion of field of force energy of gravity - the revolution in technology, medicine, society, written by Dr. Hans Nipper (Dr. Hans Nieper, Konversion von Schwerkraftfeldenergie - Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft "), and this was perpetually curious about her. Being a feminine member of the working party, it investigated the invention of Rudolf Tsinsera ( "Effect Tsinsera"), Raymond CRAMRA and Max Ernst call, World Health Organization stood at the origins of the idea of magnetic motors and secure a bunch of 1 such engine for autonomous electricity offer to their homes.

Unfortunately, till this case had not gone, as a result of he was already unwell, however in his laboratory, girls were able to see some secret equipment. Already at that point he traveled by automotive, fuel that through the employment of rare earths at five hundredth was extracted from water. Max Ernst call introduced this automotive in Yupiterskom Congress in Aeshi, shortly before his death, however that is another story. throughout the participation in women's working party Inge additionally visited city on an electrical bike, represented by Dr. Nipper in his book. Culminating demonstration and testing of existing machinery, that produces free energy Testatika der Methernitha, to the current day remains a mystery.

As Adolf Schneider already within the early seventies below the philosophy {of alternative|of different|of different} ideas of motors and energy to the book "The guests from outer space" (1973) he used the knowledge from the magazines "boundless energy ( Energy Unlimited) and other U.S. publications, learning regarding the revolutionary prospects of magnetic motors. Already at that point he had this assortment of patents on magnetic motors, among others, the patent of Howard R. Johnson, and in 1981 he attended the primary conference organized by the "German Union of the field of force energy thanks to gravity, on" The Conversion of magnetic energy gravity field.

Editors met in 1986 throughout a lecture by Dr. V. Folkrodta dedicated to new and antique innovative technologies for the extraction of energy control in Schlieren close to city. Inge learned regarding this lecture by Dr. Hans-Juerg Landolt, World Health Organization was one in all the "godfathers" of the Union. no matter it had been, from that moment they compound, and at identical time, the difficulty of free energy and new techniques for generating it, because the magnetic motor, known within the way forward for their shared personal and skilled lives.

For twenty years, as they based the house "Jupiter", they explore the gap reception and abroad, hold a congress, write books, publishers of Internet-based magazine "- therefore they were able to arouse interest within the company of JSC TransAltek" the sensible application such technologies, they created the idea of the new instrumentation, that produce themselves on the model or to create AN order for its creation, given funds to support inventors, don't expect over anyone. typically they reach the sting of despair once they couldn't perceive the way to translate their data into apply and so nothing left however frustration, however here in 2006/2007 finally return to pass long-awaited breakthrough.

Prior to that already according on developments within the field of magnetic motors with higher capability of faculty member LI Szabo.

As for the engine perendev, initially it's failing. electro-acoustic transducer Brady was initial formally introduced him in 2005 at the congress "New Hope for Earth and Humanity", organized by the house "Jupiter" in Bregenz, however solely within the kind of video, that greatly frustrated participants. He appointed a giant presentation on Gregorian calendar month seven, 2006 in building "Arabella-Sheraton in city for the attending at that everybody had to pay a hundred monetary unit, however that was presently abolished. there have been rumors that the engine isn't prepared. Asked regarding the explanations for the termination of the presentation, Mike Brady, the editors explained their actions.

In the interview you'll notice a full clarification. Later, he gave AN interview to Sterling B. Alain, the owner of the web site of the devices, generating energy of magnetic fields. during this interview was felt that the engines perendev are going to be bestowed at the international market. However, optimism isn't additional, continued to flow into. however once at a conference in Horne told members of the prevailing equipment perendev, and in late March, business partner referred to as and aforementioned that within the garden of 1 of his friend is that the engine perendev of a hundred power unit and supply electricity to the house, it had been time to act. The editors united with electro-acoustic transducer Brady of the meeting, and Apr four, he took them in his house within the quarter Gr├╝nwald close to city, to offer AN interview.

Born in 1949 in Republic of South Africa, attended faculty there and received his education within the field of IP. Throughout his life he was curious about the technology of engines, took half in sport and encompasses a license for piloting. Early enough, he was curious about different engines, capable of manufacturing a lot of power. thanks to their natural curiosity, he became AN creator, and worked on the advance of the many inventions, like eggbeater, electrical generator, magnetic motors and engines running on nitrogen.


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